Gary Anderson


“Not everything you may care about is in the Constitution. It is a legal document that had compromises in it. What it says it says; what it doesn’t say it doesn’t say.” —  Justice Antonin Scalia

As a young boy Gary Anderson watched on the family black and white television, our NASA astronauts driving and exploring the moon with their lunar rover. His early fascination with the US space program didn't end when the astronauts returned home, it only grew. In 1981 as a sophomore in high school, he played hooky to watch the first launch of Space Shuttle Columbia! That year he also joined as a member of the original National Space Institute (National Space Society), the Planetary Society, and became an avid reader of Astronomy Magazine. Gary embodies the very essence of a patriotic American space enthusiast.

A United States Air Force veteran, he served both overseas in Turkey and here at home, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts, under the watchful eye of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Embarking on his college education while still serving in the military, and through 1990, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Bryant University, North Smithfield, RI.

Groomed as a Reagan Republican in the USAF, and trained with numerous elective courses in political science at Bryant, Gary was knee deep into the Massachusetts Republican Party scene. A Milford (MA) Republican Party chairman for several years, and further elected to the Milford Redevelopment Authority, Gary grew into what we call today a “Constitutional Patriot”. He managed a congressional campaign with over one hundred paid staff and volunteers out of two district offices. Rounding out his political activities, he served for two years working as a legislative assistant under the historic “Golden Dome” of the Massachusetts State House.

The years he spent in the accounting field at BOT Financial (Bank of Tokyo), and further as a financial planner under the New England Financial/MetLife banner, Gary really understood the need for budgeting, tax planning, and fiscal discipline. He believes our space policy should be rooted in those same underlying principles that promote free enterprise, competition, and commercial activities that are unhindered by an over obtrusive tax and regulatory policy. Gary wants an unbridled U.S. space policy that will launch the United States and all humanity into a new era of space travel to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

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