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ITAR Reform Hits the Senate

The International Transfer of Arms Regulations (ITAR) reform has hit the United States Senate.  Senator Bennet (D-CO) has introduced Senate Bill 3211 which would allow the President to remove certain items, commercial satellites, from the US Munitions List (USML) and ITAR requirements and move them to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).  Please click here for a one page white paper on the bill.

This same legislation passed the Republican controlled House without any problems and with bipartisan support.  The same name thing needs to happen in senate.  This bill would not only help create new aerospace jobs, but bolster our flight manifest.  The United States used to lead the world in launching commercial satellites, but no more.  In the last two years the US has only launched one comm sat.

All of that can change with ITAR reform that has been proposed by Senator Bennet.

This legislation also protects our technologies from unfriendly foreign governments.  Section 3 expressly forbids dealing with China.  Section 4 expressly forbids dealing with known states who sponsor terrorism.  

Finally, this legislation ensures that anything that any President wants to move from the USML to the EAR will still have congressional oversite.  TEA Party in Space (TPIS), working closely with congressional staff, have verified this:

Section 38(f) of the Arms Export Control Act states that, when the Executive Branch proposes to remove any item from the Munitions List, they must first submit that information for review to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  An additional review provision isn’t needed in this act, or any subsequent legislation.

This is a very good bill that embraces fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.  We at TPIS hope that both Democrats and Republicans can co-sponsor this bill and send it to the president for his signature.

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